Hybrid application development has an all in one advantage of combining the best of native as well as the HTML5 worlds. A hybrid app can be defined as a web app which is mainly developed using HTML5 and the JavaScript. It is then wrapped in within the thin native container that allows access to the native platform features. One of the best examples can be PhoneGap which is a popular container for creating different types of hybrid mobile apps. In short, the hybrid app provides the best of both the worlds. Through this cutting edge technology, existing web developers with the sound knowledge of JavaScript and CSS to create stunning layouts, and writing compliant HTML code for the multi-platform application can create well-versed mobile applications that don’t lose the cool native capabilities.

Advantages of Hybrid Mobile Apps:

  • Access to the device data
  • Since these apps have the native infrastructure, hybrid apps can even work offline.
  • Use of web technologies for the app content makes a hybrid app development pretty easier.
  • Hybrid apps are also comparatively easier to scale to a number of platforms and various operating systems.